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Are you done with feeling invisible?  Fed up with questioning whether anyone knows who you really are and what you offer?  Ready for your social media posts to go viral?  For your ideal clients to start noticing you and are a ‘yes’ without any need for selling?

Because I remember what it feels like.  That invisibility.  The tortured hours I would spend on Facebook as I compared myself to people who appeared to be the ‘real expert’ with their hundreds of likes and comments.  I made myself sick with worry because my Facebook group was deathly quiet.  It knocked my confidence and made me second guess whether I was capable of succeeding.

But by mastering my message I went from being invisible to invincible.

In this programme you will:

  • Gain crystal clear clarity on your ideal client. Not just who they are but what they want and aspire to be so that your messages speak straight to their hearts and minds and position you as their expert.
  • Discover your core values and how these help you stand out from everyone else in your field. Plus, how to use your values to create messages that smack your ideal client in the face, making them sit up and listen.
  • Find your voice to communicate consistently and emotionally so that you’re getting noticed by the people you want to work with and who are ready to work with you.
  • Discover your confidence and say goodbye to fear, worry and comparisonitis. We will remove the ‘what I’ve got to say is not worthy of being told’; ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and ‘I’m just saying the same thing as everyone else’ mentality.
  • Create your 30 second elevator pitch that hooks your ideal client in and gets them asking ‘Really? I HAVE to know more’.

This programme is for you if:

  • You are a coach or mentor looking to get noticed by people you want to work with and who are ready to work with you.
  • You are ready to build an engaged following and attract paying clients.
  • You’re working your butt off to provide value and content to attract new clients but you’re getting zero response.
  • You’re just starting out and you’re looking for the people you would love to work with and who are ready to work with you.
  • You’re fed up of seeing everyone else’s success and are ready for it to happen for you.
  • You are clear on your niche and have (at least) a rough idea of who your ideal client is.
  • You are ready to be invincible and are committed to taking action over the next 6 weeks.

Are you ready to say f-off to invisibility?

It’s time to be invincible.

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