Why storytelling is one of the biggest skills you need to progress your business.-6When I was 11 I really struggled with words that sound similar but are written differently and have a different meaning … you know your/you’re; too/to/two; by/buy/bye etc. My dad would spend hours trying to teach me the right way but I just couldn’t get it.  My homework would still come home corrected. Corrected but with comments such as ‘Becky has grasped the meaning perfectly‘ and ‘Becky has told this in a way that really stands out‘.

So here’s the thing. It does not matter if you make mistakes in your messages (unless maybe you’re selling a copywriting service) Why? Because your ideal client will be noticing the deeper meaning to your message.  And to be frank, if they do notice and it bugs them – who cares. They’re not your ideal client anyway.

And that’s coming from someone who went from making those mistakes to working in marketing and communications for 16 years.

Don’t get hung up on being grammatically correct get hung up on whether your message is connecting you with your audience.  Write your messages from the heart, full of passion and emotion. That’s what will get you noticed. Not if you write it grammatically correct!



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