Why you need to avoid tenuous links in your messages

TenuousWhy storytelling is one of the biggest skills you need to progress your business.-7 links suck in messages.  Like really suck. If you’re writing a message about your kids and then randomly connecting that story to why someone should work with you or a tip you want to share, makes your message really confusing.

First. This is not about whether you include your family or any other subject in your messages. Because I do that.  All the time.

It’s about making sure that when you’re writing about something it genuinely connects to the real message you want your audience to hear.

I’ve seen a tonne of messages recently where I read and think wtf?

It’s a nice story but how on earth does that make a difference to my eating habits/niche/ideal client/fitness/mindset. Which is kind of what you wanted to talk about.

All it’s done is make me read your message three times and I still don’t get it (and that’s me being nice as most people will just scroll passed).  I don’t get what you want me to know. It doesn’t make me want to comment or find out more about you. And that’s a damn shame because you may have exactly what I want and need right now.

To write a message that is engaging, that connects, that positions you as the expert is damn important because it helps people see who you really are.   Through building these emotional connections, trust and subsequent deep relationships you can easily attract clients. Connecting all parts of your message, without tenuous links, but natural progression, so that your audience gets it and gets you really is the best and only way to write.


So cut the tenuous links – tell your message so that it flows and connects, fueled with passion and emotion. I think you’ll be surprised by the difference you receive!

Why you should stop selling and start talking to attract paying clients


Why storytelling is one of the biggest skills you need to progress your business.-8It’s perfectly possible to attract paying clients without a hard sell.

There is a way of adding value through content and messaging in order to build a great relationship, to build trust and connections.  They find out who you are as a person, they get to see your authentic self.  You create these high level connections so people will want to work with you.

Our audience is going on a journey.  Think about going and buying a car.  You do research, you look at different brands and models.  You think about what is it you want in a car and who can provide you with the right car for your needs, wants, desires.  You may have been triggered by an advert or a change in your circumstances.

The same process can be translated for us, as online service based entrepreneurs.  Everyone one our ideal clients is going on a journey.  In the very first stage they may have only just recognised they need ‘X’, or it could be that they haven’t yet recognised they need it.  At this point they are never going to stick their hands in their pockets and pull out cash and purchase.  They need to understand why.  They need to understand how you have experienced the same, they need to emotionally connect with you to understand that you are the expert.  And at this stage it is all about awareness. You are making them aware that they’re not on their own and that you are the expert in ‘X’, and you do it through your story, your authentic messages that talk to them and connect.

You then build on that intrigue – they want to know more and you provide this by continuing to add value.  To consistently show up with help, advise and support.  They see you and connect with you. They’ve gone from being aware to engaged.  This is what you may know as a warm lead or a prospect.

And the more value you add, the greater the connections, the warmer that lead.  And at that point and only that point, you promote your offer.  You talk about your packages.  And these warm, engaged, intrigued prospects are an instant ‘yes’.

But remember.  Your prospects will be at different stages of this buying journey.  So your messages need to cover the full spectrum or aware – engage – promote. So that you’re always reaching out to them at the right point.

And what’s even better about this is that you don’t ever have to have those icky conversations where you ask for the sale.  You don’t have to ask them to sign on that dotted line.  That awkward, uncomfortable silence doesn’t exist because your conversations with them are just them asking how they join, how they sign up, how they get started.

Because you’ve spoken to their desires, wants, needs and aspirations in the right way at the right time.  They have connected with you, they  know you are the expert.  They can’t and won’t work with anyone else, but you.

So stop selling and start talking. And attract clients easily.






Why I give you permission to forget grammar

Why storytelling is one of the biggest skills you need to progress your business.-6When I was 11 I really struggled with words that sound similar but are written differently and have a different meaning … you know your/you’re; too/to/two; by/buy/bye etc. My dad would spend hours trying to teach me the right way but I just couldn’t get it.  My homework would still come home corrected. Corrected but with comments such as ‘Becky has grasped the meaning perfectly‘ and ‘Becky has told this in a way that really stands out‘.

So here’s the thing. It does not matter if you make mistakes in your messages (unless maybe you’re selling a copywriting service) Why? Because your ideal client will be noticing the deeper meaning to your message.  And to be frank, if they do notice and it bugs them – who cares. They’re not your ideal client anyway.

And that’s coming from someone who went from making those mistakes to working in marketing and communications for 16 years.

Don’t get hung up on being grammatically correct get hung up on whether your message is connecting you with your audience.  Write your messages from the heart, full of passion and emotion. That’s what will get you noticed. Not if you write it grammatically correct!