Why storytelling is one of the biggest skills you need to progress your business.-4Last Friday, I went to visit a good friend who is in the process of buying her own home.  My friend is a commuter, working in the city of London but wants to live outside of London.  Her biggest hobby is shopping.  She works to shop!  She doesn’t currently have a partner or children and her life is all about socialising, prosecco, dining out, her job and shopping!

There we are, flicking through these beautiful, glossy brochures showing perfectly finished homes in beautiful new build estates with well-kept gardens and grounds.  Whilst I am going ga ga over soft furnishings she spots one paragraph that grabs her attention like a flashing neon sign.

Included within the purchase price of a property with this particular builder, in this particular estate, they provide a complimentary shuttle bus between the estate and the train station and the local shopping centre (which just happens to be the biggest shopping centre in the south-east of England).

What would this mean for my friend? That she never has to worry about finding or paying for a parking space at the station ever again.  That she could enjoy long prosecco filled lunches whilst out shopping.  That she wouldn’t have to fight for a car parking space in the run up to Christmas.

Her eyes literally popped out of her head.  She was sold.

This weekend she went and reserved a house in that exact estate. For no other reason than the offer of that shuttle bus.  That company spoke to her exact needs, her exact wants.

Know your client inside out and back to front and then write your messages speaking to their exact needs, wants, challenges.  Because when you do, attracting paying clients is an absolute breeze.  A walk in the park.  As easy as pie.

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