Why storytelling is one of the biggest skills you need to progress your business.If you want to get what you truly desire, which is a book full of your ideal clients, being known as an expert in your field and an income that supports the life you want to live, then you need to be able to tell your story.

Stories have a way of making us think and feel.  They stick in our minds and help us remember ideas and concepts in a way that numbers and text alone can’t.  But many of us have forgotten about or don’t recognise the real power of a good story and what it can do for our businesses.

To be successful we have to be able to not just throw out content, but create compelling stories.  With a compelling story you will build a following, a tribe.  Your ideal clients will resonate with you in a way that makes them feel you are talking directly to them and no-one else. It will help them understand that you are the expert and that you are the only person they can work with.  With a story you can inspire and motivate others; you can change the way someone thinks and feels.

There’s a native American proverb that says ‘Those who tell stories, rule the world’.  And one of my favourite entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, says ‘entrepreneurs who cannot tell a story, cannot be successful’.

They’re both, ultimately saying the same thing right?

If you truly want to succeed you have to be able to tell a story authentically.  Speaking to the desires and challenges of your reader. Don’t just push content and information out, pull your clients in with a story.


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