Marketing your business has come full circle.  Back to the days when building trust, relationships and connecting with your potential clients is the sure fire way to growing a following and attracting paying clients.

You get that the best way to do it is with your story.  Because human beings are wired to love a story and have loved stories snce cavemen were drawing on walls.  But the question that keeps coming up is how do I find my story and then tell it so that it doesn’t sound like a broken record.

Find my storyWell first of all, you don’t.  You don’t have to have just one story.

But you do need to have one core purpose.   And this core purpose is the one thing that all your marketing – whether that’s a blog, a social media post, a website, a talk, a course, a program etc. – comes back to.  The one thing that you help your ideal client with.

You can then have as many stories or messages that you need or want to grab your audience’s attention and make that connection.  And the reason you can have as many as you want is because they always have your core purpose at the heart of them.

And the great thing about having multiple stories is that you have multiple channels to reach your audience.  You’ll have long stories that you’ll use for blogs and presentations or to feed into courses and programs.  You’ll take snippets of those stories and use shorter ones for social media posts.  You’ll have stories that are evergreen that are timeless and last forever.  And stories that are necessary for right in a particular moment and once that moment has passed.  So has the story.

But you’ll also have stories for different stages of your ideal clients buying lifecycle.  Stories that you’ll use to gain their trust and spark that initial connection.  Other stories to grow your relationship.  Stories to introduce your programs and packages.  Stories to retain loyal, repeat clients.

So can you have more than one story?   Hell yes!

5 steps to finding your storyDon’t know how to find your stories? Don’t sweat it.  In my guide ‘5 Steps to Find Your
Story’, I tell you exactly how.  Five easy steps to help you find multiple stories to grow your following and attract paying clients.

Access your FREE copy of ‘5 Steps to Find your Story’ here.

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