How my obsession with books helps you attract paying clients with ease.

I am a little obsessed with words.  And stories.

When I was 8, my Mum gave me one of the books she read as a child; The Caravan Family, by Enid Blyton.  With that one book, I fell in love with the written word. I read so many more of Enid Blyton’s books, The Magic Faraway Tree, Mr Galliano’s Circus, Mallory Towers, The Secret Seven. But my love of stories didn’t end there. My bookshelf was furnished with all sorts of books.  Swallows and Amazons.  Nancy Drew.   Anne of Green Gables.  Little House on the Prairie.  The Hobbit.  They took me on adventures, to places I dreamt of; the characters became my friends.  They made me feel light, happy and a part of something purely magical.

As I grew older I started to understand the power that books had on my emotions. They make me cry, laugh out loud, feel angry, shocked, loved.  They taught me, even though I didn’t realise I was learning.  Magical; that a few words, put together into a sentence, can make you think differently, can make you feel.

How powerful would it be to be able to do that?  To put together a few simple words and be able to make someone laugh, smile, question, think and feel differently.  To make them sit up and listen.  To make them intrigued, to want to know and hear more from you because of what you have said and written.  Because of your words they see a connection with you.  They start to see you as the expert.  They recognise that you can help them solve their problems, answer their questions, provide them with the support and guidance they need.

They strike up conversations with you, and others, based on something you wrote or said.  They can’t help but comment or share, to talk about it.  They ask questions, hungry to know your answers.  They trust you, based on what and how you have communicated.  And that trust makes them feel connected to you.  That trust means you are the person they must work with, they become your client.  Your repeat, loyal client.  All because your words, your messages, your story connects with them in a way that makes them feel you are speaking directly to them and them alone.  You know their exact pains, the precise challenges they are experiencing.  And they know you have the answers.  The solutions.  In listening to you, from reading your messages they know you are the expert, their trusted advisor.

And all because of a few words.

No complicated strategy.

Just your authentic story.  Your messages, told in a way that your audience understands, that speaks to their hearts and minds.  That inspires them.

The power of words.  Inspired by a simple book at the age of 8 years old I now help female entrepreneurs build an engaged and intrigued following who easily convert into paying clients by helping you extract your unique story, find your authentic voice and communicate your compelling messages consistently and emotionally.

Intrigued by what I have written and want to know more?  Join me and my gang in my FB group ‘Authentic Messaging for Client Attraction’ to learn how you can authentically communicate your messages and attract clients with ease.






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