I’ve been pretty absent over the last few weeks due to the holiday season. I hope you all had wonderful holidays and a happy new year to you and your families.

As you’ll know from previous posts I recently realised that the business I was developing wasn’t aligned to my true desires, my true passion and I had been fighting it trying to be something I was not.  So I gave myself a serious talking to and over the last 6-8 weeks I’ve been building my new business from complete scratch. This has been daunting, but super exciting.

I’ve rebranded myself as a happiness and success coach. What does this really mean?  Well my business is built on my passion and desire to help people release fear, worry, anxiety and negative thinking from their lives; to remove the chatty, negative little voice inside their mind and find the true happiness and success they know they are destined to have.

#365truehappiness Project
On 1st Jan 2017 I started a personal, daily challenge which I hope will encourage others to find their true happiness and success.  Each day on Instagram (beckystrafford) and on my Facebook page (beckystraffordcoach) I will be posting one thing that has made me feel happy that day using the hashtag #365truehappiness.  This has already started so by searching this hashtag on Instagram or Facebook you’ll be able to see what people are saying.

I am on a mission to get as many people on this journey with me as possible.  So, if you want to take part all you have to do is post on social media using the hashtag #365truehappiness. Feel free to tag me in your posts too.

Why am I doing this?
Because we spend too much time weighed down with anxiety, negative thinking and worry and this prevents us from being the truly happy person we should be. And because in spending just a few minutes everyday thinking of something that makes us happy can turn our negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones. Over time, these positive thoughts and emotions will become habit and we start to lose the negativity and worry and gain true happiness.

If I can make a difference to just one persons life on this quest I will be overjoyed.

If you don’t want to take part, but want to follow me – like my FB or Instagram page as that’s where I hang out most.

If you want to join in, check out my Instagram or Facebook page for more info or hit reply, I’m ready to help!

Becky xxx

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